Moderation(s): Incidents of Travel (Hong Kong)

Elaborating on the approach of their project Incidents of Travel at Casa del Lago, Mexico City (24 September– 4 November 2012) – the duo have invited four Hong Kong-based artists – Nadim Abbas, Ho Sin Tung, Yuk King Tan and Samson Young – to develop day-long tours, thus retelling the city and each participant’s artistic concerns through personal itineraries and waypoints. Alongside these ventures into the city, research around local forms of vernacular collection display and eccentric attractions will be made. This will encompass self-made or esoteric museums, museum-like retail spaces, or ‘marginal’ sculptural displays.

The undercurrents to this research would consider questions such as: How does the cultural currency of the tour-form relate to historical, geographical, sociological and commercial concerns? How is tour-guiding or tourism a form of moderation or spectatorship? What can contemporary curatorial practice – as well as future art institutions – learn from Hong Kong vernacular display strategies?

Since 2005, the duo have initiated and developed contemporary art projects in association with institutions and collaborated with artists in productions encompassing a range of organizational forms and scales: genres of display and presentation; editorial practice and publication; forms of assembly, hosting and programming; as well as theoretical and interpretative contexts.




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