Selected Readings: Eight Views on an Exhibition

What is asked of us when we visit an exhibition? What do these works of art want from us? And in return, what do we want from them?

For the duration of The Part In The Story Where A Part Becomes A Part Of Something Else, Witte de With invited eight guest moderators to give a “reading” or interpretative tour of the exhibition. Throughout summer 2014, moderated public tours of the exhibition will be given by Lorenzo Benedetti (Director de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam), Ann Demeester (Director Frans Hals Museum – De Hallen Haarlem), Dessislava Dimova (Writer and curator, Brussels), Chris Fitzpatrick (Director Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp), Christina Li (Curator, writer, and Witness to the Moderation(s) program, Amsterdam and Hong Kong), Marnie Slater (Artist and writer, Brussels), and Steven ten Thije (Research Curator, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven).

Continuing the approach inherent to the greater Moderation(s) project, of which The Part In The Story is the final iteration, one thing is always mediated by another one. Throughout the many different projects preceding the exhibition, the city of Hong Kong was explored through the filter of artists and those landmarks dear to their practice; a novel was embodied by a performer; six short stories were written by seven authors in four days; a conference lecture was delivered by a disembodied recording; and a legally binding contract regulated the visit of an installation.

If one artwork allows for another one to appear differently, what does this say about their relationship? And how much translation is needed to lay bare this relationship?

Limited attendance, reservation required: reservations [​at​]
Regular entrance fees apply: € 6 / € 3 discount (-18 / students / CJP / seniors)


Friday 23 May, 6pm with Ann Demeester (language t.b.d.)

Sunday 25 May, 3pm with Chris Fitzpatrick (English spoken)

Friday 30 May, 7pm with Lorenzo Benedetti (language t.b.d.)

Friday 6 June, 6pm with Christina Li (English spoken)
Coinciding with Kunstblock Fridays, when Witte de With and other Kunstblock partners on the Witte de Withstraat are open to the public until 9pm

Friday 20 June, 7pm with Steven ten Thije (language t.b.d.)

Saturday 21 June, 3pm with Marnie Slater (English spoken)

Friday 27 June, 6pm with Dessislava Dimova (English spoken)

Sunday 17 August, 3pm with Samuel Saelemakers (language t.b.d.)



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