BOOKS with Sami Hammana

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Join us for BOOKS, with researcher, writer, artist and tutor at the Willem de Kooning Academy Sami Hammana.

In this edition of BOOKS, Hammana will launch the book The Geofinacial Lexicon, co-edited with Jack Clarke and published by Abstract Supply.

The Geofinancial Lexicon is a thought experiment on the literary convergence of earth- and financial-systems. It takes its cue from the large number of financial terms that reference phenomena of the natural world. For example protagonists such as ‘Bulls’, ‘Bears’, ‘Doves’, and ‘Hawks’, and phenomena such as the ‘iceberg order’, ‘dead cat bounce’ and ‘vampire squid’.

Compiling definitions, and re-working the renowned financial lexicon of the Financial Times, the Geofinancial Lexicon welcomes the possibility to grasp the material and the abstract, as well as the so-called ‘natural’ and ‘human’ forces that shape the Anthropocene. The program will feature a conversation on the Lexicon with Hammana, a short text contributed by Jack Clarke, and an introduction to the Lexicon’s online portal.

This BOOKS edition is presented in collaboration with A Tale of a Tub, and the current exhibition Trade Winds in the Age of Underwater Currents which features a new film installation by Hammana that explores the connection between undersea data cable networks and the colonial trajectories of the Duch East India Company.