A Tale of a Tub

A Tale of A Tub is a non-profit institution for contemporary art and culture. The program is centered around questions of how art can contribute to our understanding of present-day social, political, and ecological issues. Our exhibition program is framed through intersectional ecological thinking, in which subjects related to nature, climate, ecology, and the shared living environment, gender, feminism, and decolonization, as well as the increasing influence of digital infrastructures and advanced-capitalist and neoliberal systems and governments, intertwine with one another. We want to make these naturecultures and complexities tangible and accessible for our publics, and thereby endorse the essential importance of educational and discursive actions and events as an integral dimension of our programming. From the former bathhouse at the heart of the monumental Justus van Effen complex, A Tale of A Tub offers its space, infrastructure, and resources to artists, curators, and practitioners from different fields of inquiry to develop newly commissioned artistic productions, reflecting on complex societal issues and debates as to further strengthen and enrich our daily living and working practices, often based on long term-research and interdisciplinary dialogue.

As part of the Kunstinstituut Melly new house style, we are redesigning our website. Some features might not be accessible yet, but we are working on them. Thank you for your patience.