Opening Weekend — Day 2

Live Free Entrance

Please join us on the second day of the festive opening weekend of My Oma, a large scale group exhibition focusing on the figure of the grandmother.

This afternoon, December 9th, from 2 to 6 pm, involves concerts and sound performances under the umbrella program "Music for My Oma", as well as artist’s talks, lectures, and performances take place inspired by personal grandmother stories as part of a special program, "Show and Tell".

Saturday is the second day of our Festive Opening Weekend for My Oma. Join us on Day 1 (Saturday 8) and Day 3 (Sunday 10 December).

The program

2 pm

Yoeri Guépin (Show and Tell)

2:30 pm

Asa Seresin (Show and Tell)

3 pm

Maria Pask (Show and Tell)

3:30 pm

Amanda Möstrom (Show and Tell)

4 pm

Melvin Moti (Music for My Oma)

4:30 pm

Raimundas Malašauskas (Show and Tell)

5 pm

Sara Sallam (Show and Tell)

5:30 pm

Peter Scherrebeck AKA Misty Superdeluxe (Music for My Oma)

Show and Tell

Artist’s talks, lectures, and performances take place inspired by personal grandmother stories, as well as by ideas, objects, or traditions inherited by their grandmothers or passed on through generations.

Music for My Oma

A line-up of concerts and sound performances organized by Kunstinstituut Melly in partnership with the Amarte Foundation, as part of the 'Melly X Amarte' sound art and music program. The program was initiated in September 2023 with an open call for existing or newly proposed music or sound pieces inspired by grandmothers or ancestral knowledge. The selected musicians and artists will be announced in November.


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Our main exhibition floors are currently closed for installation of our upcoming program.

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