TRANSITION: The Already Not-Yet – Becoming Collective

This September we re-open MELLY through a TRANSITION program. We wonder what it means to be together again, at a distance, in MELLY? How do we navigate and share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings together and apart?

'The Already Not-Yet – Becoming Collective' is a tentative exploration on ‘commitment’ and how to share our realties in times of breakdown. How can we create different relational bonds to approach the notion of collectives not as a pre-existing social structure but as a learning process actively becoming in context.

Artists Jeanne van Heeswijk and Joy Mariama Smith will be hosted in MELLY, as part of a live event hosted by PUBLICS, Helsinki. This event is held to start developing and enabling a series of participatory test sites and public scenarios to enact and imagine how we live together and define collective futures.

Registration: 8 participants
Organised with PUBLICS and Another Academy


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