TRANSITION: The Power Of Harmony

This September we re-open MELLY through a TRANSITION program. We wonder what it means to be together again, at a distance, in MELLY? How do we navigate and share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings offline?

This afternoon we follow a harmony workshop led by Monika Miedzianowska and Amelia Zakrzewska. Who will explain to us exactly what harmony is, what it is used for and how to use it. We will end with a group assignment where our voices will join together.

Monika is a singer-songwriter and owner of MKA Music Rotterdam, where she teaches piano, guitar, cello, songwriting and does vocal coaching. Amelia is a polish singer based in the Netherlands. Amelia received her vocal education in Poland, attending events and workshops and gaining certificates from the best vocal teachers in the world. Currently, Amelia is a vocal coach at MKA Music, a Rotterdam based music school. She is also a guest singer on Dutch stages, recently you could see her performing with the "MEM" theatre group at Laaktheater in The Hague.

The Power of Harmony is an event led by Collective Learning Fellow Tayler Calister. He writes:

We have been detached from each other for a long period of time. Now that the Covid-19 rules are getting a bit more relaxed, it is time to restore harmony between us.


During the first three weeks MELLY will host music events and choreographed live performances, organized by our Collective Learning Fellows Tyler Calister and Ban Tawfiq. The TRANSITION program culminates with a KEYNOTE lecture by Silvia Federici, addressing the interconnection of health and political crisis, moderated by iLiana Fokianiki.


  • Monika Miedzianowska

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