TRANSITION: When Art Becomes Active

This September we re-open MELLY through a TRANSITION program. We wonder what it means to be together again, at a distance, in MELLY? How do we navigate and share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings offline?

For the third event on September the 12th When Art Becomes Active, Chanel Vyent and Evelyn Bakker will guide us through an online/offline experience, and a dialogue in dance. The performance piece will start off individually and end collectively, performing in the physical space of MELLY, and the spaces in between. This event launches a TikTok-style tutorial, choreographed and performed by Chanel Vyent and Evelyn Bakker. The video will be played in MELLY during the last two weeks of September and can be seen on this website.

When Art Becomes Active is an event led by Collective Learning Fellow Ban Tawfiq. She writes:

Over the past few months, the world has been bombarded by Covid-19 and massively we found comfort and an outlet online. But as time goes by, the rules allow us to slowly but surely go offline again.


During the first three weeks MELLY will host music events and choreographed live performances, organized by our Collective Learning Fellows Tyler Calister and Ban Tawfiq. The TRANSITION program culminates with a KEYNOTE lecture by Silvia Federici, addressing the interconnection of health and political crisis, moderated by iLiana Fokianiki.


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