TRAINING: Awakening Your Inner Healer — Heart Sniffing #1

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The same training will take place on Sunday 10 October at 3:15 pm.
Language: English

“Awakening your inner healer” is an experience to open our hearts and listen to our senses. Most importantly, it aims to unleash our subconscious in order to sniff our personal cure. Do you know what you need right now?

This unique training offers and begins with gentle meditation and a cacao ceremony. Cacao helps us to rebalance the energies within us and restore good health. Moreover, it has loads of vitamins and minerals that are great for cardiovascular health.

The second half of this training entails the creation of our own herbal blend through the practice of sniffing. As we are natural-born animal sniffers, we invite you to intuitively choose the herbs of your liking using your nose. Only then, you can create the herbal blend that you really need. Have you ever wondered why witches are usually portrayed with large noses? Experience it for yourself and join this training. More so, receive proper instructions on how to prepare your own bath with the herbal blend that you have created and be open to experiencing lucid dreams! Are you ready to be guided by your subconscious?

“I hope we can meet soon, to experience this together” — Fernanda

Note: As most herbs have an effect on our consciousness, it is absolutely normal to experience lucid dreams after this ritual. If you are interested in unveiling the messages in your dreams, please write down everything you remember and contact Fernanda at ventrehealingcenter [​at​]




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