Show and Tell: My Oma

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As we reach the halfway point of our current exhibition My Oma, we pause for a Show and Tell program, spending time with four of the exhibition artists. Join us for an afternoon of food, talks, readings and hands-on making that take us behind the scenes of this exhibition that focuses on the lives and legacies of grandmothers.

The day will feature four presentations by artists, each with a specific style of event.

FOCUS: Funda Baysal

A program that opens the threads of Baysal’s work in conversation with the artist and curator Irem Sezer.

PERFORMANCE: Shardenia Felicia

A performance that delves into the artist’s paracosm: a fantasy world created by Felicia and her twin sister during their childhood.

BOOKS: Bruno Zhu

Readings from the recently published novella Retail Verité, published by San Serriffe in Amsterdam.




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