WORKSHOP: Judy Watson and Vera Kersting

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Join artists Judy Watson and Vera Kersting for a hands-on WORKSHOP delving into grandmothers, matriarchs and ‘rematriation’ through printmaking and intergenerational storytelling.

This WORKSHOP is part of Show and Tell and takes place on Mother's Day, celebrating artists and their Grandmothers. The artist-led programs takes places as the mid-way point of My Oma, our current exhibition dedicated to grandmothers as encountered in the work of 24 artists from 19 countries.

Judy Watson is one of Australia’s foremost Indigenous artists, renowned for her powerful and ethereal works that channel stories of her grandmother’s Waanyi Country. She was among the first Indigenous artists to represent Australia at the Venice Biennale in 1997, and is currently the subject of a survey exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane titled ‘mudunama kundana wandaraba jarribirri’ (tomorrow the tree grows stronger). A dedicated presentation of work by Watson - on canvas, in etching and in video - is featured within My Oma.

For this WORKSHOP, Watson has invited the Rotterdam-based artist Vera Kersting to join her. Graduating from the KASK in Gent, Kersting recently met Watson when she traveled to Meanjin/Brisbane to take part in a painting workshop organized between the Indonesian art collective Taring Padi and the Aboriginal art collective ProppaNow. There Kersting helped to produce a collaborative artwork titled “Tanah Tumpah Darah”, named after an Indonesian protest chant that loosely translates as the emotions generated by remembering one’s motherland.

No training or skills are necessary to take part in this workshop. Spaces are limited so please book ahead. Further information on the workshop and preparation will be provided upon registration.

Judy Watson’s participation in My Oma has been made possible with the generous support of Creative Australia.




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