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Language: Dutch
Location: Kunstinstituut Melly, third-floor exhibition space. Guests are expected to wait in Lisa Tan’s waiting room.
This training is conducted in groups of a maximum of 10 participants.

I think in I.
In me, not in us, we, together.
I am a child of individualism.
I don't need anyone.
I am autonomous, unique, independent.
I am an independent woman.
That’s what makes you strong. Right?

I want to be strong, as strong as a house. But a house is not built alone. Bricks, beams, glass, tiles and foundation. Everything leans on each other so it doesn't fall over. Is everything connected? Why don't I dare to lean?

LEUN is a physical adventure in “leaning”. A journey of discovery into dependence. In this setting, it embraces the form of a performative training in which the spectator is also a participant of a direct sensory experience. Finally, we will close this interactive performance with a conversation about every participant’s experience. So the question is, can we lean on you?

Concept: Elky Rosa Gerritsen
Performers: Elky Rosa Gerritsen & Godelieve Meijers
Direction: Daniëlle Meuleman
Image: Stadstekenaar Nijmegen Gabi Rets
Camera: Ron Vervuurt
Edit: Ron Vervuurt & Elky Rosa Gerritsen
Sound: Elky Rosa Gerritsen & Ron Vervuurt
With thanks to: Groeispurt Fonds, Janivo Stichting, Brebl, Bo Smits




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