Godelieve Meijers

Godelieve Meijers graduated from ArtEZ in Arnhem in 2020. She works as a theatre-maker, making player, and theatre teacher and is always looking for a connection within that. The connection between people and their different perspectives. 

Godelieve Meijers always starts with broad research as she makes theatre about the things that she can't quite explain, express, or get a hold of. This research has a different direction per performance, but it is striking that this goes extremely outwards or extremely inwards.

On the one hand, there are the projects in which she zooms out extremely. She collects as many perspectives as possible to form a dynamic voice from different sounds, in which a city or the square is represented. On the other hand, there are the projects where she puts a feeling or memory of a single person under the microscope and picks it out. Zooming in and zooming out both aim to change the distance to the content and thus communicate a different perspective. 

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