TRAINING: Coming Back Home, Movement Research and Improvisation (NL)

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Language: Dutch

What does it actually mean to inhabit your body? It is an art to stay in your body and inhabit your body, especially in a world full of distractions and expectations. Perhaps you have, consciously or unconsciously, not listened to the signals your body has been giving you and/or that you do not accept all the parts of your body.

During this Training, you will employ different tools through a holistic dance approach that will help you listen to your body again. First, we will start with a body scan/short meditation where the focus will be on your inner world. From there, we will experiment with different focus points by means of improvisation assignments. These focus points vary between internal (the body) and external (the environment) factors.

Dare to connect with all your body parts and listen to what your body is telling you. Movement is a form of non-verbal communication. In this training, we communicate in different ways with both ourselves and the other. We strive for everyone to experience a personal journey in a safe space. This Training is accessible for both less and more experienced movers, dance lovers. Listen, feel, play, discover and experiment.




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