Ilidia Medina

Ilidia Medina teaches dance and movement classes with a holistic approach to dance. Her trainings are focused on listening to your desires and giving a voice to your own unique way of expressing yourself.

Ilidia's journey started in 2010 when she was dealing with various physical complaints. Over the years, the complaints remained both silent and loud - “I felt unheard and misunderstood in my pain like there was no room for my voice and expressions.” Because of this, she started to focus on different coping strategies, sports psychology, and personal development linked to self-acceptance, love, and reflection.

“My goal is to bring people back home, to be able to inhabit their bodies. From body rejection, pain, and fear to self-acceptance, trust, and love. What if the rejected parts in your body have an important message to tell you? Perhaps, you will find that you can extract strength and wisdom from these body parts.” 

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