A Mic of One's Own: Waste

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Visit or participate in a new edition of A Mic of One’s Own, a series of collaborations between and The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy) Kunstinstituut Melly!

The theme of this edition will be ‘Waste’, inspired by the exhibition Ooze by artist and filmmaker Lucy Beech, currently on display at Kunstinstituut Melly. While much attention is paid at present to how society creates waste, Lucy Beech is preoccupied with how waste shapes society. The three films, Flush (2023), Warm Decembers (2022) and Reproductive Exile (2018), that make up the exhibition focus in particular on waste that does not easily fit into a single category.

We are looking for writers, poets, spoken word artists or songwriters who want to share their thoughts about this theme. As always it can be very political (think: manifesto’s or essays about climate change or the bio industry) or very personal (yes, your ex was absolutely a waste of time). It’s up to you! Apply by 1 September through this application form. Do you just want to come and listen? Get your free ticket here.

With these sessions, we aim to create a safe space for intimate stories to be shared. To ensure that, we expect all participants to respect each other’s privacy and vulnerability.


As part of the collaborative nature of Jessy Koeiman's work in collective learning, she brings Writer's Guide to the Galaxy and their series A Mic of One's Own to our multi-functional space on the ground floor, simply called MELLY. This bookshop, café, and event space is developed with our collective learning spirit in mind.




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