A Mic of One's Own: Rites of Passage

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A new edition of A Mic of One’s Own, a series of collaborations between Kunstinstituut Melly and The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy)! Doors open at 6:30 and the event starts at 7pm.

This edition's theme, Rites of Passage (rituals or experiences that mark a major milestone or change in a person's life) is influenced by the exhibition Still Shifting, Mother Field by artist Jennifer Tee (currently on display in Melly!). A central element of Jennifer Tee’s exhibition is her Tampan Tulip series. It’s a series of collages made from pressed tulip petals, with motifs taken from Tampan weavings (a type of textile that can be found in the Lampung region of southern Sumatra). These Tampans were exchanged during important rites of passage and the motifs often include a ship with human souls, animals, and plant-like forms in motion to the afterlife: references that explore diasporic narratives, migration, and the tree of life in relation to genealogy and ancestry.

Are you a writer, poet, spoken word artist or songwriter and do you want to write and share a text about rites of passage? It can be a personal piece about your own coming-of-age rituals, an essay about different cultural celebrations, or just a funny story about an awful wedding. Apply until April 28th. Do you just want to come and listen? Get your free ticket here.

With these sessions we aim to create a safe space for intimate stories to be shared. To ensure that, we expect all participants to respect each other’s privacy and vulnerability.


As part of the collaborative nature of Jessy Koeiman's work in collective learning, she brings Writer's Guide to the Galaxy and their series A Mic of One's Own to our multi functional space on the ground floor, simply called MELLY. This bookshop, café, and event space is developed with our collective learning spirit in mind.




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