Free Heri Heri for All


During Keti Koti, we commemorate and celebrate the abolition of slavery in 1863 every year on July 1. This year Kunstinstituut Melly, TENT and the Kunsthal join forces to celebrate this Emancipation Day. Emancipation Day in Suriname is called Ketikoti, "the breaking of chains." We cordially invite everyone to join us in MELLY Bookshop and Cafe for one of the 500 free Heri Heri meals. This day comes about in partnership with Free Heri Heri for All.

Why Heri Heri?
Heri Heri consists of cassava, plantains, sweet potatoes, fish and eggs and was cooked during the transatlantic slave trade by many enslaved people on plantations around the world. To commemorate the abolition of slavery and to honor their ancestors, Free Heri Heri for All was founded by Arya and Ira Kip to raise awareness of this historic day and to forge bonds over a shared meal. In memory of the slavery past of the Dutch Kingdom and to connect the past with the present, throughout the country, the Surinamese dish Heri Heri can be eaten for free and together. In this way, the past is not forgotten and the promise of a more just future is possible.

We are very happy to welcome Rotterdam artist Boris van Berkum and Winti priestess Marian Markelo during this afternoon. At 2 pm, guitarist Tayler Calister and singer AST.H.ER will perform together in the MELLY Bookshop and Café. Kunstinstituut Melly and TENT will distribute meals from 1 to 3 pm. At the Kunsthal, meals will be distributed from 12 to 2 pm.

A special thanks to Ed de Meijer, Lilian and Bernadette for thinking along and preparing the meals.

We hope you can join us on this day of this 150th anniversary and celebration.

Free, reservations are not required.

Free Heri Heri For All is an initiative of KIP Republic and collaborating partners.