Awards Program honoring Struktuur 68, Jannes Linders, and Linda Malherbe


In this program we introduce the laureates of the second edition of our awards program focused on the cultural ecosystem:

The Maker behind the Maker Award

Studio for ceramics Struktuur 68 is the recipient of the Maker behind the Maker Award. This award honors creators whose impeccable craftsmanship and supportive collaboration have been indispensable for a visual artist to best materialize their work. Co-founded by Henk Trumpie (1937) and Jacques van Gaalen (1941), Struktuur 68 is an experimental ceramics company in The Hague. The Maker behind the Maker Award is created by Kunstinstituut Melly in collaboration with Mondriaan Fund, the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. Click here for the press release

The Berry Koedam Award

The photographer Jannes Linders (1955) is the recipient of the Berry Koedam Award. Since 1981, he has been commissioned by numerous artists and institutions to document art and exhibitions. This award honors creators whose visual documentation of artworks and exhibitions, as well as of art events and artistic communities in the Netherlands. The Berry Koedam Award is made possible by Koedam’s ramfoundation. Click here for the press release

The Visionary Award

Linda Malherbe (1969) is the recipient of the Visionary Award. This award honors people who are improving the artistic environment and culture sector in Rotterdam. Malherbe is most known for her work at Verhalenhuis Belvédère in Katendrecht, an institution she co-founded, and where she is a curator and member of the board of directors. The Visionary Award is made possible through a partnership between Kunstinstituut Melly and Stichting Droom en Daad. Click here for the press release

Each awardee receives a cash gift of €5,000 and will be honored in this awards ceremony followed by a reception held at Kunstinstituut Melly. This program is upon invitation only.

In 2020, Kunstinstituut Melly celebrated its 30th anniversary by launching these awards, which recognize people whose image-making, craft, and advocacy has been central to the creation, presentation, and appreciation of contemporary art. These awards are supported by the Mondriaan Fund, ramfoundation, and Stichting Droom en Daad.

Additionally, this event marks the start of the third edition of this awards program, which involves one open call, two nomination processes, and the selection of laureates by an independent jury. Details published shortly.


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