SESSION: Getting Tropical — Part 1

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We are delighted to invite you for SESSION: Getting Tropical part 1 this coming Friday in Melly. During this event we will watch a performance by artist and choreographer Karina Villafan, alumni of the SNDO, and Kunstinstituut Melly’s collaborator in the most recent edition of CLIP (Collective Learning In Practice). On Saturday, 26 November, we host a workshop that has unfolded itself from the performance.

Karina writes about the piece:

Getting Tropical is a performance that merges movement, text, and social media devices, in an imaginary post-catastrophe scenario, taking place in the tropics of a hyper fictional world, which sometimes, pretentiously resembles Brazil. We propose to critically think of its foundation myth, as a European colonial creation that has been perpetuated until today in the media as an earthly and tropical paradise, and re-present it as an image/story of horror.

For this, we are developing performative practices of re-invention, based on actions of negotiation, false domestication, and dis-identification, which we call: Strategies of Cracks.

“Getting Tropical” is the second performance developed within the Getting Worse series, an ongoing series of research on the theme: the end of the worlds—that started in the context of Karina’s BA in SNDO - School for New Dance Development and was presented as a side A in ISO gallery (Getting Worse, 2020) and as a side B in Frascati Theater, 2021.

Directed: Karina Villafan
In close collaboration with: Clara Saito and Lara Santos
Sound edited: Nadia Bekkers
Original mix: PepaPuke
Costume: Dragadina
Advised: Flavia Pinheiro and Fernando Belfiore
Sponsored by: AFK — Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Co-produced by: FLAM festival and Kunsinstituut Melly



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