SESSION: Getting Tropical — Part 2

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We invite you today to participate in SESSION: Getting Tropical — Part 2. This event consists of a workshop that has unfolded itself from the performance Getting Tropical — Worst Version that will be presented on Friday 25 November at Melly. This workshop is being led by performers Clara Saito, Karina Villafan, and Lara Santos.

They write:

performance arts – feminism – social sciences – artivism

Within the performative and movement practices we research in the piece Getting Tropical we have the practices of cracks: strategies to move within the gaps of colonial and institutional projects. A translation for what philosopher and babalorixá Luiz Simas calls "Brasilidade". We practice within our daily lives and studios some of them:

transgressive practices of reinvention
false domestication
working with the unknown

For this workshop we plan to share some of these findings with you, through movement exercises, writings, and mapping. On the other side, within colonial and institutional projects, we find very developed practices of maintaining colonial modalities. Besides many of them, we find the practice of stereotyping. An attempt to control, impose and domesticate people.

In the piece, we incorporate some stereotypes and try to disidentify, to play and find the ‘cracks’ in them. We will work with this practice in the workshop, also in relation to the map people will make for themselves.

Come with warm and cozy clothes to move!



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