TRAINING: Healing through Breathing by Nicola Machalova (Saturday) [Canceled]

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Language: English
This event is sadly canceled.

Stress and anxiety can be caused by different factors, however, when it comes to the physical effects of stress, we can either make it worse or take it in control by being aware of our breathing. “Awakening SOMA Breath” is a unique technique, which teaches us about the importance of breath as the only bodily function, where we can decide whether we are in control of it or if we let it take control of us. Breath is the main tool in becoming more present and mindful, breath is a healing power for our nervous system to calm down, it is a bridge between body and mind, and is a key to unlocking our full potential.

This unique Training offers a sequence of exercises, working with breath retention and music. The rhythm and beats will help you not only to stay on track while breathing but more importantly to bring coherence into your heart and nervous system. That way you will be able to let go and release accumulated stress. Join us on a deep meditative journey!




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