Nicola Machalova

Nicola has a Master’s degree in psychology. During her studies, she realised that something was missing in the field of psychology - that it was always dealing with the past and the future but never with the present and that it was always working with the mind, but never with the body.

Nicola’s yoga journey started, once she understood the interconnectedness between the body and mind. In 2016 she got certified in India (YTT200), one year later in UK for Yoga therapy for women, and recently she has finished advanced teacher training in Nepal (YTT500). For 2 years, she was teaching and managing the Bikram yoga studio in the Czech Republic, while also writing her thesis on therapeutic movement work with infertile women. In 2017, Nicola went to the UK and studied this technique with its founder and ever since then, shares this knowledge with many women. Last year, in 2020, she obtained her second advanced teacher training in Nepal (500hr YTT). Currently, Nicola has joined a course in SOMAbreath, therapeutic work with awakening breathing techniques.

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