Masterclass: minimal versus MAXIMAL,,,,,Fighttt to the Deathh!!!!

In the framework of GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandtttt, a solo exhibition with artist Charlemagne Palestine, Witte de With presents an exclusive master class by the artist. During the master class, Charlemagne Palestine will tap into the dichotomy that has been prevalent at the core of his four decade spanning artistic career: a maximalist attitude in minimalist times. The artist will guide participants of the master class through a oeuvre of intuitive and nonconformist artistic actions, focussing on combining the physical, the relational, and the durational, in objects, performance, sound, and space.

The exhibition GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandtttt presents a selection of works from the artist’s oeuvre, including early video works, sculptures, paintings, installations, and sound scores. Charlemagne Palestine works form a highly personal universe of rituals, intoxication, and shamanism. In the last four decades, the artist has created an extensive body of experimental musical compositions, bodily performances, and, in later years, visual art works that are inhabited by stuffed animals.

Join Charlemagne Palestine in a highly inclusive trip through his personal MAXIMALIST universe. The master class is open to students, artists and practitioners from the arts, theater and performing arts.

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This Master Class is realised in collaboration with the Piet Zwart Institute Master of Fine Art.



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