Tuning – Detuning / Noting – Denoting

Can a tune be translated into an image? Can the “detuning” of music generate new ways of thinking about the relation between sound and scripture? The notation of sound has a long and varied history, from Gregorian chants conducted following signs written in the air to the standard notation of western music we know today, and the possibilities offered by new computer technologies.


7 pm : doors open
Throughout the evening works of Rafaël Rozendaal, Justin Bennett, and
research on the graphic score by students of ArtEZ-Graphic Design will be on display.

8 pm: concert by Yann Gourdon
Hurdy-gurdy player and sound artist Yann Gourdon performs in front of the projected Book of Continuity by Charlemagne Palestine. Gourdon’s experimental use of the ancient instrument creates a sound which develops in parallel to the imagery of Palestine, which becomes a speculative score to the music.

9 pm: lecture by Remco van Bladel
Graphic designer Remco van Bladel’s presentation draws analogies between contemporary graphic design and musical theories of the 20th century avant-garde. Going from the I Ching and mesostic to phase shifting, feedback, dissonance, and glitch, he touches on the question: How can one define a (typo)graphic methodology based on the works of for instance John Cage, Steve Reich, John Zorn, Oval or perhaps even Merzbow?

9:45 pm: concert by Floris Vanhoof
Artist Floris Vanhoof uses a special modular synthesizer to create projections and music. Vanhoof creates his own instruments and installations and explores the grey area between image (film or slides) and light (projection).

Organized together with DE PLAYER as part of their ongoing Pushing The Score program.



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