WORKSHOP: Creative non-fiction writing with Mia You

In this workshop by Extra Extra, a multidisciplinary cultural platform that focuses on the erotic, sensuality and the city, participants will be guided by academic and writer Mia You. In an intensive afternoon session several aspects of creative non-fiction writing will be discussed. The workshop will be continued with an intimate ‘Writers’ Dinner’ the week after, where the resulting texts will be presented to a select audience of friends, acquaintances and professionals from the field like author Fiep van Bodegom, design curator Nadine Botha, national broadcast program maker Cesar Majorana.

Creative non-fiction is a genre of writing that uses literary craft to write vividly, personally and compelling about factual topics. This workshop will have a thematic focus on sensual writing about food, inspired by the ‘Extra Reading’ section in Extra Extra magazine n°13, that focuses on books about eating, aphrodisiacs, digestion, taste, texture and sensations alike. Audre Lorde’s text ‘The Use of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power’, published in 1978, will serve as a theoretical framework.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, and is the first of a series of Extra Extra workshops that focusses on different forms of creative non-fiction writing, such as the interview, the essay and the column; as well as on the various channels and platforms that are available to distribute non-fiction texts, like a podcast, performance, sound piece, magazine or Instagram account.

Participants may each invite one guest for the Writers’ Dinner (guest ticket: €10).