TRAINING: Hiraeth; Beyond Homesickness

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Language: Dutch

This training invites you to embrace the painful reality of migration and family relationships from a distance, in order to connect with your original self and body. Together we acknowledge the presence of homesickness and the way assimilation is an essential consequence of people with a migration background. Living between two countries, two cultures, and/or two families, makes us feel torn, stateless, and unsafe. As a survival mechanism we, therefore "prefer" to adapt to the dominant culture, with the result that we lose ourselves.

During this training, we look migration, assimilation, and displacement straight in the eye, so the (emotional) consequences of long-distance family relationships are mapped out. By means of systemic work and family constellations, we give feelings that express themselves in homesickness, depression, and loneliness a place. And Bina de Boer, the Transcultural Systemic Coach, gives you the tools to consciously take your place in your system, family, and world.

We are aware that people are keen to join the TRAINING but who are, due to financial instability and worry, unable to purchase a ticket. Let us know at the latest 24 hours in advance by emailing trainings [​at​] and we will provide a ticket free of charge and up to €20 in travel costs to be able to travel to Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam.




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