A Mic Of One’s Own: If the body is a home, who is our neighborhood?

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Location: MELLY Bookshops and Cafe

We are delighted to finally be able to come together in person for our next edition of A Mic of One’s Own! — a series of collaborations between Kunstinstituut Melly and The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy). This will be the second edition of this year and the first to take place live in MELLY.

During this session we will be focusing on the human body through an intersectional feminist lens, inspired by the CLIP (Collective Learning In Practice) exhibition: Home: An Unfinished Project. This live exhibition will evolve and transform during the period between Friday 8 April and Sunday 24 April. The exhibition explores the following question: "If the body is a home, who is our neighborhood?"

During this open mic evening, we welcome writers, poets, spoken word artists, and songwriters to contribute pieces that revolve around the body — from the individual to the holistic and the plural, exploring amongst others, questions of (collective) navigation, movement, transformation, and fluidity. Apply before 4 April by filling out the application here. Do you just want to join to listen? Send an email to info [​at​], or click on the ticket link above.

With these sessions, we aim to create a safe space for intimate stories to be shared. To ensure that, we expect all participants to respect each other’s privacy and vulnerability.



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