TRAINING: Special Edition by The Feminist Health Care Research Group — Being in Crisis Together

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This playful training by Feminist Health Care Research Group invites you to reflect on past experiences of crises and how we can mutually support each other when we experience emotional vulnerability. Often when we feel weak, unstable and in crises, we try to suppress our needs and aim to cope alone. That suppression into the private realm not only cuts us off from mutual networks of support, it also leads to omitting the societal dimension of our personal struggles.

This workshop invites you to ask: What are concrete resources that we can fall back on in situations of crisis? How can we be there for each other when we feel vulnerable and in need of support? What has helped us in previous crises? How do we ask precisely for the kind of support we truly need? How can we create more room with each other, where we are welcome with our emotions, access needs, and struggles?

Duration: 2,5 hours, including break

Training language: English (whispered translation to Dutch available upon request)

When you register, please inform us about your conditions and needs, such as, spatial requirements, nutrition, attention span, communication.

Please notify us before 1 April if you have access needs and/or require translation (Nederlands Gebarentaal, ASL) by emailing trainings [​at​] We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We are aware that people are keen to join the TRAINING but who are, due to financial instability and worry, unable to purchase a ticket. Let us know at the latest 24 hours in advance by emailing trainings [​at​] and we will provide a ticket free of charge and up to €20 in travel costs to be able to travel to Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam.




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