The Feminist Health Care Research Group (Inga Zimprich)

Founded in 2015 in Germany, currently the Feminist Health Care Research Group consists of artist, mother and body worker Julia Bonn (b. 1975) and artist, mother, curator and care- assistant Inga Zimprich (b. 1979). As artistic research project the Feminist Health Care Research Group (FHCRG) develops exhibitions, workshops and publishes zines.

The FHCRG aims to create space in which vulnerability can be shared with each other, center (access) needs, and break through the competitive mode of working in the arts. FHCRG questions the internalized, ableist concept of productivity that is rewarded in the art field. In their practice FHCRG aims to develop self-empowering feminist perspectives on health care. Working with found and archived documents, interviews and workshops FHCRG aims to retrieve and archive radical practices of mutual care of the health movement and actualize them in the frame of intergenerational exchange and workshops with today's health care activists, cultural workers and feminist and activist predecessors.

Recent projects and exhibitions include: More like a trellis, Crisp Ellert Art Museum, St. Augustine, Florida, USA (2019); Sick and Desiring, Hordaland Arts Center, Bergen, Norway (2019); Creative Sick States, Arsenal Municipal Gallery, Poznan, Romania (2019); Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time, M.1, Hohenlockstedt, Germany (2018) ; Practices of Radical Health Care, District Berlin, Berlin, Germany (2018); Small School of Self-help in: Workshops of Revolution, Arsenal City Gallery, Poznan, Romania (2018); Would you support me? at Multilogues on the Now: On Health, Work and Emotion, Display, Prague, Czech Republic (2018).

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