FORUM: Care for Justice

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Join us for a FORUM that brings together perspectives on ‘care’ relative to social and physical architectures, including those of art institutions. This FORUM concludes our research cluster ‘Care for Justice’, as part of the ongoing exhibition and sensory clinic 84 STEPS. Guests will include activist, writer, and model Jeanette Chedda, and 84 STEPS artist Inga Zimprich of the Feminist Healthcare Research Group.

The FORUM will take place as a roundtable in two parts, sharing practical examples followed by a moderated discussion.

Care for Justice

The pandemic era has introduced and exaggerated, paradoxes within the social compacts of late capital. Among these has been the coupling of discourses of ‘care’ with radical social atomization. Subjects of care are ever more isolated and placed in direct relation with the state. Meanwhile, avenues for community care and practices of mutual support have been radically constrained.

Within the Netherlands, this period stands in the shadow of the privatization of health infrastructure following the Deller-Simons commission of 1987. Meanwhile, within the arts, this takes place as the culture sector strives to deliver active and high-quality programs despite notably reduced public support since 2010.

The cluster ‘Care for Justice’ considers the interpellation of health and social justice. It pivots from the catch-word of ‘care’ to consider what it may conceal in adjacency to Neolberal frameworks of privatization and normalized racial inequality. Who are the subjects of care? And what if care was not directed towards those ‘in need’, but rather to transformative projects?

This FORUM program is presented in partnership with the Promiscuous Care Study Group of the Willem de Kooning Academy.

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