TRAINING: 6 ISLANDS zine #1 — Exploring Rest, Care, and Healing in ABCSSS Communities

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This training is specifically for people from ABCSSS communities.

During this workshop, we will explore the different embodiments of rest, care, and healing that (can) exist in the context of ABCSSS communities. We will depart from our individual and collective lived experiences to imagine a more utopic, decolonized world in which care, rest, and healing are readily available in ABCSSS communities. We will use discussion, writing, and movement prompts to ask what changes we as individuals – and, perhaps more importantly, the institutions around us – need to undergo for these forms of rest to be attainable. Through this explorative workshop, we will learn about different practices that can answer our individual and collective needs for rest, care, and healing.

This workshop caters to the ABCSSS community and will form the basis for the zine-making workshop Developing a Shared Vocabulary for Rest, Care, and Healing in ABCSSS Communities on Saturday, 23 April.

We are aware that people are keen to join the TRAINING but who are, due to financial instability and worry, unable to purchase a ticket. Let us know at the latest 24 hours in advance by emailing trainings [​at​] and we will provide a ticket free of charge and up to €20 in travel costs to be able to travel to Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam.




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