TRAINING: Holding Sacred Space For Healthy Masculine Energy


Location: Kunstinstituut Melly, third-floor exhibition space, Raja’a Khalid
This training is conducted in groups of a maximum of 10 participants
The training or gathering will be conducted by Oscar, Giovanni, and OTION

All of you are welcome here — Giovanni

Following the opening evening on Friday 5 November at 8 pm of Touch’M, an event series in collaboration with Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, OTION & Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kunstinstituut Melly presents a men-circle called: Holding space for healthy masculine energy. Through meditation, breathwork, movement exercises, and mindful communication we will actively practice non-sexual touch & connection among men, as a means to heal toxic masculinity. With the founder of Gathering of men, Oscar Alonso Delgado, as the main facilitator of this Training, we invite men to share, express, support, and empower each other.

Ultimately, Giovanni and Oscar, aim to create a space where everyone feels safe to let their guards down in which the full spectrum of everyone's emotions and experiences is honored.

This series of events is named after the short film Touch’M, directed by Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, which demonstrates how beautiful physical connection can be and simultaneously serves as a display of Giovanni’s personal experience of a healthy masculine touch. The film was created to challenge people’s views on what it means to be intimate while being a man. The artist states: “This short film serves as a symbolic depiction of how non-sexual touch can heal parts of the toxic masculinity that is prevalent but silent in Western society." For the film, OTION was a featured performer, choreographer, songwriter, and co-producer of the eponymous title song Touch'M.

Let’s give birth to healthier masculine energy in our communities.

Note: wear comfortable clothes.

This program requires a valid corona admission certificate (a vaccination certificate, negative test certificate or proof of recovery). For more information, please visit this website.





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