In collaboration with artist Giovanni Maisto Ferreira and Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kunstinstituut Melly presents a two-part event around Touch’M, Ferreira’s short film. In this first part, an episode of De Kunstavond Radio, our collective learning fellow Aqueene Wilson talks to Ferreira about his work, process, and how he maintains his well-being and mental health. Listen live at 9 pm (CEST) on De Kunstavond Website. After the talk, Touch’M will be officially premiered.

Touch’M demonstrates how beautiful a physical connection can be and simultaneously displays Giovanni’s personal experience of a healthy masculine touch. The film was created to challenge people’s views on what it means to be intimate while being a man.

The artist states: “This short film serves as a symbolic depiction of how non-sexual touch can heal parts of the toxic masculinity that is prevalent but silent in Western society. Men are being conditioned out of intimate expression towards each other. Men’s touch is limited to handshakes, back claps, and shoulder pats, however, nothing more than that. By not being able to engage in certain types of touch, men are not allowed to truly express themselves. As a result, this reduces and limits healthy interactions while defining a narrow way to express masculinity. This can be tied to producing less socially acceptable forms of touch such as sexual aggression and violence. These types of touch can often be characterized as traits of toxic masculinity. Such behaviors can be avoided if men are exposed to intimacy and connection in a positive manner.”

The short film Touch’M will also be premiered on this website on Friday, 25 June at 9:30 pm (CEST).