Kent Chan: Heat Waves, Warm Fronts

Kent Chan is an artist based between Amsterdam and Singapore and one of the 15 artists selected for the first edition of The Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund, 2020-2021. His practice revolves around our encounters with art, fiction, and cinema that form a trio of practices porous in form, content, and context. More recently, he has created works exploring his interest in the tropical imagination, the past and future relationships between heat and art, and contestations to the legacies of modernity as the epistemology par excellence. The works and practices of others often form the locus of his works, which have taken the form of film, text, conversations and exhibitions.

Presented here, Heat Waves, Warm Fronts (2021) constitutes the latest iteration in the artist’s ongoing series, Heat Waves, which examines the contexts, politics, and proliferation of different aesthetics of heat. Specifically, aesthetics that stem from regions of the globe marked by hot and humid climates, with an assortment of names steeped in the histories of coloniality: the tropics, the global south, and the developing world. Taking the form of a multi-channel video installation, complete with humidifiers and heat lamps, with this work, Chan sets out to envision a trajectory towards different tropical futures. “For the tropics is already future” he probes, “...the future is heat.”

The work exhibited will be donated to the Dutch national art collection, the Rijkscollectie.





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