Hartwig Art Foundation

The Hartwig Art Foundation supports all systemic activity fields that foster and facilitate the production, presentation, communication and preservation of art for society, the public domain and the common good. Art here includes all media of the visual arts, time-based arts and future art forms in the broadest sense that are related to the continuous development of media and technologies. The production, presentation, mediation and preservation of art aims, in particular, at the sustainable promotion of a cultural environment for society as a whole, both in terms of infrastructure and people. The Foundation strives to support artistic production and to sustain institutional structures as places for people and continuous development. Promoting artistic exchange in all formats, it is also concerned to promote the societal ownership of processes and materials of art.

As part of the Kunstinstituut Melly new house style, we are redesigning our website. Some features might not be accessible yet, but we are working on them. Thank you for your patience.