Maria Pask: Zandra Rhodes’ bedroom; a room to read Auden

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Maria Pask is an Amsterdam-based artist and one of the 15 artists selected for the first edition of The Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund, 2020-2021. The artist creates collaborative scenarios through which to examine themes of collective creativity, empowerment, and community service. Over the past two decades, central to her art-making has been the notion of reciprocity. Whether performance or installation, each of her works come to be shaped by shared experience, through which to foster an openness to difference and change. 

Presented here, Zandra Rhodes’ bedroom; a room to read Auden (2021) sees the artist further her exploration into the fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes. Specifically, her bedroom. Adorned head-to-toe in the designer’s own creations—from furniture and prints, to the cushions and wallpaper—Pask regards Rhodes’ bedroom as an ideal space of retreat. One conducive to reflecting on old loves and to dream of future relationships, processed and imagined through acts of drawing, painting, and print-making. In this exhibition, Pask emulates Rhodes by creation of her own retreat, complete with fabrics by the meter, flower displays, paintings, and a bed linen range. Further to works created by the artist, are the hand-made tapestry bookmarks and film-star tapestry cushions created by Paul Wilkinson, an adult who Pask parents. 

Different to Rhodes, however, everything on display is for sale. The funds of which will be donated to a Netherlands-based organization St. Helena Cuckoo, providing living assistance to older adults. In doing so, Pask sets out to reflect on the relegation of craft and amateur creation methods, as well as their makers, to a lower value status than other types of artistic practice and production. While, in turn, wishing to instrumentalize the commercial aspect of art-making in order to supply funds for work here unseen.

The work exhibited will be donated to the Dutch national art collection, the Rijkscollectie.





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