SAIT Parallel Practices no. 3

(No Dutch translation available)

Velasco, Vukovic and Schilfgaarde speak about the possibilities and effects of cultural developments and cultural funding in Rotterdam, Minneapolis and Belgrade. Paul van Schilfgaarde will talk about the activities of the Wijk Ontwikkelings Maatschappij in Rotterdam and the system of Broedplaatsen (breeding places) in Amsterdam. Chris Velasco will speak about Artspace Projects as a local / national development strategy. Stevan Vukovic has a critical view on the influence of Soros foundation in Eastern Europe.

Roundtable discussion and presentation with Paul van Schilfgaarde (expert in Dutch ‘large cities’ policy), Chris Velasco (Artspace Projects, Minneapolis), Stevan Vukovic (curator Remont, Belgrade).

Entrance: free

The ‘parallel practices’ series of roundtable discussions is organized in association with Bik / Van der Pol and Stealth group, Rotterdam.


  • Paul van Schilfgaarde, Chris Velasco, Stevan Vukovic

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