TRAINING: Healing Dance Workshop with Microdosing


Language: English
Location: third-floor exhibition space

This is a ritual workshop that combines the healing power of magic truffles (psilocybin) and a transformative dance technique called “Embody Peace”.

The Training consists of two parts. In the first half, we will take a microdose of magic truffles, guided by Branka Zgonjanin. This microdose will not cause hallucinations or trips, rather, the effects will be very mild and will help the body feel more relaxed. While it takes 30 minutes for the effects to be felt, we will spend this time doing breathing and physical exercises for warming up and opening the body. The second half of this Training entails an instructed dance practice in which participants are stimulated to visit their “forgotten body parts” - places in the body where traumas, inner wounds, subconscious feelings, and thoughts are stored away. By activating those body parts with the help of microdosing and the special “Embody Peace” dance, participants can achieve a more holistic bodily awareness. No experience with psilocybin or dance is required, everyone 18+ is welcome!

This program requires a valid corona admission certificate (a vaccination certificate, negative test certificate or proof of recovery). For more information, please visit this website.




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