TRAINING: Pressure Point Healing And Embodied Haircare #1

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Language: English
Location: 3rd floor exhibition space, Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam

This TRAINING is an exploration into the collective experience of being and caring with one another through the act of social grooming. A practice of untangling and reweaving our hair and exploring our embodied language for caring.

Lydia Hwang will be sharing a traditional Chinese face and scalp acupressure massage aimed to regulate meridians, harmonize internal organs, and center the spirit. As the body's meridians can be accessed through the hundreds of acupressure points on our head, this guided exercise is an invitation to pause and tune inward.

The second half of the practice will be an exploration of our care language through a collective grooming session. This intuitive session of hair play is aimed to be a reminder of the joy, kinship, and soothing qualities brought by grooming and exchange.

To bring: Your own combs and/or brushes




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