WHERE ARE THE BLACK BODIES DANCING? – Episode 1: Unfolding Racial Structures in Dance


WHERE ARE THE BLACK BODIES DANCING is a two-part online series that should be seen as a research come to life. Through a visual collection of conversations, performances, and art we question the current racial landscape in contemporary dance, while actively creating space for black bodies.

As we live in a time where activism is primal, oppressive structures in dance need to be highlighted. Therefore, we start the series by revealing complex truths like institutional norms, tokenism, and othering. This entire body of work can be seen as a form of counter storytelling, as extremely praised concepts like diversity and equality are contradicted by Christian Yav and Junadry Leocaria.

Through moments of vulnerability, we ask them what it means to be a black body in a white institute. More so, what are the issues behind contemporary diversity? And how do they actively create space for others or themselves?

The program includes an improvisation piece by Junadry Leocaria, who embraces her roots in Kapwani Kiwanga’s exhibited work at Kunstinstituut Melly. Furthermore, Kiwanga’s concept of resistance is used as a key theme in this online series.

This event is led & curated by Aqueene Wilson, who also researched the lack of black dancers in Dutch institutions in 2019.



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