WHERE ARE THE BLACK BODIES DANCING? – Episode 2: Resistance in Bloom


WHERE ARE THE BLACK BODIES DANCING is a two-part online series that should be seen as a research come to life. Through a visual collection of conversations, performances and art we question the current racial landscape in contemporary dance, while actively creating space for black bodies.

Where the previous episode focussed more on unfolding racial structures in the contemporary dance field, this episode could be seen as an active response to those norms. Again, inspired by the work of Kapwani Kiwanga, we now chose to embrace the theme of resistance through its fullest potential by acknowledging our own power. This body of work, therefore, challenges you to embrace the concept of abundance. Given the (dance) world that we live in, what will eventually be your form of resistance? And how will you create your own opportunities?

To further the notion of black bodies in conversation, both Chanel Vyent and Dalton Jansen are invited to share their forms of resistance at Kunstinstituut Melly. In addition you can enjoy the premiere of defiance, a dance performance by Chanel Vyent who embraces every corner of Kiwanga’s , The Marias. Doing so, her movements are supported by music of Adé la Cruz.

This fellow session is curated by Aqueene Wilson, who also researched the lack of black dancers in the Netherlands in 2019.



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