KEYNOTE: Revisiting Unpayable Debt by Denise Ferreira da Silva

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Location: Auditorium on the first floor

Join us for a KEYNOTE with Professor Denise Ferreira da Silva, delving into her latest book Unpayable Debt, published in 2022 by MIT and Sternberg Press.

This program takes place in the context of our current exhibition My Oma, that features the work of 24 artists from 19 countries, all dedicated in some way to the figure of the grandmother. Midway along the exhibition period we will gather and pause to reflect upon collective inheritance, grievance and grievability, as well as the modalities of ancestral knowledge.

Following the lecture, we will be joined by two artists who have been part of My Oma; Ola Hassanian and Jota Mombaça for conversation and Q&A. This program is presented in collaboration with Blacker Blackness, a study initiative founded and led by Ola Hassanain and Simone Zeefuik.

Denise Ferreira da Silva is a scholar and artist renowned for her powerful theoretical interventions into the ethico-political challenges of the global present. Building on her previous work, in Unpayable Debt Ferreira da Silva engages a narrative image of time-travel in order to revisit the racial politics of time, and question the true form of social and political change today.

This Keynote program is convened by Research and Programs Manager Vivian Ziherl, together with Programs Assistant Alexis Medina.




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