Melly x IFFR: Goldfish for Breakfast

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Kunstinstituut Melly, in collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), is pleased to announce the screening of Goldfish for Breakfast at the upcoming IFFR 2024, set to premiere at Cinerama on 26 January at 4 pm. This film is a product of the Collective Learning in Practice (CLIP) program at Kunstinstituut Melly, an annual initiative, which, now in its fifth iteration, aimed at nurturing new talent in the field of filmmaking.

Program Overview

Since its inception in 2018, CLIP has been an educational program for young individuals in Rotterdam. The focus of the 2023 program was on oral history and scriptwriting, providing a group of nine participants with an opportunity to learn and apply these skills. This program is part of our ongoing effort to support artistic collaboration and practical learning in the cultural sector. The nine CLIP participants are: Maryam Abdelalim, Marco de Jong, Liv Hahner, Naomi Landman, Roberto Barbato, Arnas Rasimavicius, Tijmen Braafheid, Deniz Tüzüntürk, and Vere Kester. The program is led by Jessy Koeiman, Curator of Collective Learning at Kunstinstituut Melly.

The curriculum includes workshops and masterclasses, followed by stages of conceptual development and practical filmmaking. The objective is to foster the development of knowledge and skills among the participants, while simultaneously contributing to our institution. Participants are remunerated for their dedication and are required to participate in regular sessions that encompass both creative workshops and group discussions.

For the script and storyboard of Goldfish for Breakfast, participants conducted interviews with important elder figures in their home settings. The interviewees, who shared their personal stories and experiences, are Ibrahim Abdelalim, Jasper Beerthuijs, Siegfried Braafheid, Johannes Jan Feijten, Robert de Jong, Nelly Metz van der Munnik, Dan Payne, and Giuditta Riccio. Their collective oral histories became a key component of the film's script. This script, further developed by independent filmmaker Uriël Matahelumual, was subsequently transformed into a film in the fall of 2023, with active participation from the program participants in the production process.

Goldfish for Breakfast

Seniors Atifah, Mel, and Rita live together on a ship and routinely share breakfast. This time, their morning meal takes on a different tone as they prepare to celebrate the birthday of El Tigre, the goldfish, for the first time since the passing of beloved resident, Leviy. While getting ready for the festivities, they discover a void left by Leviy’s departure, and grapple with the challenge of coping with her loss—a void that cannot be filled with blueberry muffins alone, but by an unknown guest who steps in to help mend their emotional wounds.

Artistic Contributions

The program also features a photographic series by Stacii Samidin, a Rotterdam-based artist who participated in the My Oma group exhibition currently on view at Kunstinstituut Melly. His photographic series and video document the interactions between the program participants and significant elders in their lives. Additionally, the CLIP-participants created a documentary that captures their journey and experiences in developing the script and participating in the production process.




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