FOCUS: Falke Pisano's 'The Prevention of Poverty: From New Techniques to Technology'

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Location: 2nd Floor
Language: Dutch

Join us for a FOCUS session delving into a new exhibition and research project by artist Falke Pisano not / to be / governed / like that / by that. The program will be one of three in-depth conversations that activate Pisano’s modular installation and graphic research apparatus into the moral subjectivity of financial governance.

This first session will be held in Dutch, and will focus on the founding of the first savings bank of Rotterdam and the development of a moral economic subject in the late 19th century through financial obligation and the so-called "bourgeois civilizing offensive”. It will look at how ideas about financial responsibility and self-sufficiency continue to shape socio-economic relations as well as affective and practical ways of relating.

Falke Pisano's guest for this session is Marjorie Malbons, founder and director of the MAIT Foundation. Stichting MAIT helps Rotterdammers with problematic debts and other money problems and works together with them to achieve financial stability and self-reliance. Malbons and her team do this in an approachable, warm manner in which trust and understanding are leading and work together with various local and national partners. MAIT Foundation is also committed to raising broader awareness about the effects of living in poverty.
With activations of the graphic installation, Malbons and Pisano will enter into conversation about 19th century and contemporary practices of poverty prevention and relief.

This event is free, make your reservation via the link above. Pisano’s exhibition is part of Kunstinstituut Melly’s Anchored series that undertakes in-depth artistic research into the institution’s building, its street, and its neighborhood.



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