FOCUS: Falke Pisano

Live Free Entrance

Location: Second floor galleries

Join our summer season of exhibition openings with a FOCUS program delving into an exhibition of new work by Rotterdam-based artist Falke Pisano titled not / to be / governed like that / by that.

The exhibition is the latest edition of our ‘Anchored’ commissions series dedicated to connecting with the communities and histories of our building, neighborhood, and street. In this edition of Anchored, Pisano has focused on a new kind of moral and financial subject that emerged in the 19th Century and that can be traced through the archives of the first Saving Bank in Rotterdam, founded in 1818.

This FOCUS program will take place with Falke Pisano as an introduction and initial demonstration of a performative apparatus and diagrammatic system created from a board-room desk. Audiences will be able to join in on the further exploration of this Rotterdam history and its contemporary significance through three additional performances to be held with guest interlocutors.

Arrive for this FOCUS at 2 pm, and stay for a FOCUS gallery tour at 3 pm exploring the new exhibition The Fables of Sanbras, by Guadaloupean artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary and joined by guests Chris Cyrille, Andil Gosine and Sour Grass.



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