FOCUS: 84 STEPS Finissage and Silent Auction


We are delighted to welcome guests and friends for the finissage of 84 STEPS, an exhibition, and research platform that has evolved over the past three years in our third floor galleries. With commissioned artist projects and hands-on workshops, 84 STEPS undertook a sustained and collective exploration of the relation between physical and mental architectures, as much as with interpretations of personal and social health.

The finissage of 84 STEPS celebrates the initiative and its programs together with local artists and practitioners.
Come at 6 pm, for a toast and launch of the Indonesian artist collective Tromarama’s Soliloquy lamp auction. From 6 to 8pm you can bid on the lamps and have a chance to take a piece of the exhibition home. Auction results will be announced at the close of the evening, and proceeds of the auction will go to the organizing of the weekend festivities of the My Oma exhibition in December. Sign up for only the finissage via the link below.

A unique component of 84 STEPS has been its TRAININGS program of hands-on workshops, wellness sessions and haptic exercises. As part of the evening program, you can register to take part in one of two final 30-minute TRAININGS hosted by special guests Cézanne and Sekai Makoni. If you would like to participate please register your booking as places are limited.

6:30 – 7 pm

This TRAINING is an immersive performance that invites the audience to come on a journey of self reflection. Through scent, music and meditation the artist will guide you to land in the space and in your body. The TRAINING will take place in Maike Hemmers’ installation in 84 STEPS. Held in English, sign up via the link below

6:30 – 7 pm

This TRAINING guides participants through exercises and reflections to think more deeply about how we listen, individually and collectively. The session will delve into questions such as; What does it feel like to be heard and really listened to? How do we listen across differences? And, how is active listening relevant in the art world? The TRAINING will take place in Raja’a Khalid’s installation in 84 STEPS. Held in English, sign up at the link below.

The 84 STEPS finissage will be followed by refreshments and a reception for the monumental sculpture Mama Aisa, hosted in our Melly bookshop and cantina. This exhibition celebrates Winti culture and commemorates the 150th anniversary of Keti Koti that took place 1 July. The project is presented as the 24th edition of Rotterdam Cultural Histories, a collaboration between TENT and Kunstinstituut Melly that explores our common roots in Rotterdam.

On behalf of the staff and artists, we look forward to seeing you at Kunstinstituut Melly!




Supported By

84 STEPS: Frame FinlandGoethe Institut RotterdamIASPISifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)OUTSET, and Stokroos Foundation

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #24: Mama AisaMondriaan Fonds, CBK Rotterdam and Kayden Stone & Ceramics

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