FOCUS: Kelly Sinnapah Mary with Chris Cyrille, Andil Gosine, and Sour Grass

Live Free Entrance

Join our summer season of exhibition openings with a FOCUS program delving into the exhibition The Fables of Sanbras, with new work by Guadeloupean artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary.

Audiences are invited to join a tour of the exhibition, hosted by the exhibition curators and the artist as well as two special guests; the artist-curator and scholar Andil Gosine, and the poet, curator and critic Chris Cyrille.

The exhibition The Fables of Sanbras includes both new and existing work featuring installation, paintings, and textile. Many of the works elaborate fantastical creatures, fables, and myth while the paintings reference rituals, and encounter both native and ‘invasive’ creatures from the forest and the sea.

Andil Gosine has published extensively on the Caribbean and its visual, ecosystemtic and political economies, including a close engagement with Kelly Sinnapah Mary’s 2020 Quarantine paintings series. Chris Cyrille considers himself an exhibition storyteller, and among other things has co-created an exhibition and publications series of ‘Mangrovité’. This series centered on the mangrove as a narrative, spatializing and poetic tool and that has featured the work of Kelly Sinnapah Mary among its previous editions including with the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Audiences are invited to arrive at 2 pm for a FOCUS program together with artist Falke Pisano and her new exhibition not / to be / governed like that / by that, before this FOCUS tour at 3 pm.





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