Kunstlicht X Melly: Launch Labour of Love and Failing on Time

Free Entrance

It is time to celebrate! Twice even. Come join Kunstlicht at their launch event on March 31, 2023 from 19:00 to celebrate the publication of their latest two issues Labour of Love and Failing on Time at Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam.

Together with Kunstlicht we will host inspiring talks and panels by authors from both issues.


– Introduction by editor-in-chief Lisa Marie Sneijder
– Presentation by line kramer on her article ‘Love Letters to a Room’

– Introduction Failing on Time by Dunja Nešovic
– Presentation by Daphne de Sonneville on her article ‘Riotous Repetition: Mutant Flowers, Baroque Architecture and Slapstick Comedy’
– Discussion with Monika Dybalska and Benedikt Rudischhauser moderated by Dunja Nešovic

With the issue Labour of Love, we wanted to ask whether there is such a thing as a labour of love. As young people entering the workforce, we accept jobs that forego adequate monetary compensation for the work we do, only to be ‘paid’ in exposure, experience, or emotional fulfilment. At Kunstlicht, we have heard ourselves explain our efforts to participate in the art world despite this as ‘a labour of love’. Yet, while putting this issue together, it became obvious that this explanation fell short of the phrase.

In the issue Failing on Time we explore the dynamic between time and failure, and ways in which this conjunction informs our thoughts and feelings regarding agency, inevitability, urgency and possibility. As guest editor Dunja Nešović elaborates, by examining recursive failures, consequences of wrong timing, and failures produced in, with or out of time, the selected works in this issue identify the pathways they open for resistance, profit-making, expansion and artistic production.

We hope to see you on the 31st of March!