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We are delighted to present LIVE: Kunstinstituut Melly and Amarte Foundation in Concert 2023, a night of successive concerts weaving throughout the art exhibitions staged within our multi-story building. The concerts take place at Kunstinstituut Melly as part of Rotterdam's eleventh edition of Museum Night.

Flowing with the different rhythms and installations staged that night, audiences may be sitting-in as much as coming in and out of the galleries. Music and sound artists from diverse genres will be tasked to respond to the current exhibitions on show, creating or curating a musical act that resonate musically, conceptually, or aesthetically to the artworks or themes of the exhibitions.

LIVE includes performances by:

Boi Akih Duo & Miri Lee (Amsterdam) playing in our MELLY Cantina and Bookshop.

BUI (Utrecht) responding to Tromarama's art installation in 84 STEPS.

EMIR (The Hague) responding to and in conversation with Jennifer Tee’s solo exhibition Still Shifting, Mother Field.

Gandhaya Quartet (Rotterdam) playing in the MELLY Cantina and Bookshop.

Sanne Sanne (Amsterdam) responding to Anna Witt's evolving art installation in 84 STEPS.

Valentina Vella (Rotterdam) responding to Lisa Tan's artwork in 84 Steps and with the assistance of Joris Frowein and Lili Huston-Herterich.

Musicians will be performing within the art installations of the evolving group exhibition 84 STEPS, as well as in the solo exhibition by Jennifer Tee, Still Shifting, Mother Field, co-presented with Vienna Secession. Additionally, two musical performances take place in Kunstinstituut Melly's ground-floor programming space, our MELLY cantina and bookshop.

The chosen performers for LIVE were shortlisted through an Open Call by an expert peer panel put together by Amarte Foundation, followed by a final selection by Kunstinstituut Melly and exhibiting artist, Jennifer Tee. These performers were selected because of the quality of their work, and because their proposed performances resonate musically, conceptually, or aesthetically with the works or themes present in the exhibitions at Kunstinstituut Melly.

In this iteration of LIVE, EMIR will create a sound work that will be developed in conversation with Jennifer Tee, whose visual art performance will take place at 8 PM during Museum Night at Kunstinstituut Melly. Jennifer Tee joined Kunstinstituut Melly and the Amarte Foundation’s Jury to select the musician playing in her exhibition space and performance piece.

LIVE is the second collaboration between Kunstinstituut Melly and Amarte Foundation after a highly successful first iteration in 2022, where more than two-thousand Museum Night visitors enjoyed nine musical performances throughout the night. LIVE is especially organized in conjunction with Museumnacht 010 in Rotterdam, where more than 50 museums and cultural venues in the city are open late to the public.




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